Parent/Guardian Participation

Parents/guardians of children enrolled in ECDC programs are encouraged to participate in the program.  We invite you to visit the Center anytime.  Accompanying your child on field trips and sharing your cultural practices and home traditions with your child’s class are wonderful ways for parents/guardians to be involved with their children’s education.  Please arrange these visits with the appropriate teacher.

DCDC is delighted to host luncheons, open houses, graduations, and other celebrations throughout the year.  These are great opportunities for parents/guardians to get to know their child’s friends as well as other parents/guardians.  If you have any suggestions for an event, please feel free to share your ideas with your child’s teacher or the administration.

Please check the bulletin boards and your child's classroom cubby daily for information about activities, projects, trips, and special notices.  It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to read announcements and return forms and field trip fees.

DCDC offers a list-serv to facilitate communication between the center and the parents/guardians by sending reminders and important announcements.  You can join at any time by signing up at the front desk, adding as many email addresses as you’d like.

DCDC offers a student directory to assist parents/guardians in communicating with each other.  You may choose what information to share with other DCDC families, or you may opt to not be included in the directory.

Committees & Boards
Parents/guardians are invited to participate on DCDC's Parent Advisory Committee and Board of Directors. 

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is a non-executive, non-voting adjunct to the Diplotots Board, and holds general meetings several times during the year.  The PAC coordinates teacher appreciation activities, helps the Board with its fundraising activities and conducts its own fundraising, and plans social events.  Notices of meetings go out via email and are posted on classroom doors about a week ahead of time.  All parents, volunteers, and staff are welcome to attend.  The PAC is comprised of the Chair, at least one room parent for each classroom, and all interested parent volunteers.  Board members, the Diplotots Director and Assistant Director, and the State Department Liaison often attend meetings and provide information of general interest to parents.